Providing Artwork to Pierrepont Visual Graphics

Preferred digital file formats

Rastor / Bitmap files for digital printing

TIF files at as high of a resolution as possible, cmyk color mode

If digital files are not available

A clean black and white copy of each color separately on glossy paper is best for scanning.
Each color clearly indicated with composite for reference.

Color referencing

For more precise color matching of spot colors, a reference number from the Pantone color match system (or other color systems) accompanied by a swatch will help us ensure a better match to your colors.

Vector Files

Files that are composed of mathematical shapes containing points and fills.
Common vector programs include Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw.

Vector representation
Vector representation

Rastor/Bitmap Files

File made up of individual pixels (squares) of color.
Most imaging programs will create this type of file.
(bmp, jgp, tif, gif)

These are only our preferred file formats and other files may be usable depending on application in which they will be used.
(ex1. a .jpg file off the internet may work for a small label but will not work to print a large banner)
(ex2. a .doc file containing text to be used but not for artwork)

As always, we can recreate existing art to make it work if necessary.

When e-mailing files, please also fax a picture of the art to (585)235-8376 so we know what we are trying to open.

Raster representation
Rastor representation