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"The original corporate name, Pierrepont Signs was "modernized" in 1972 to identify more clearly the functions and capabilities that have been developed since the firm's founding 75 years ago. Pierrepont Signs, Inc. made very fine signs.

Pierrepont Visual Graphics, Inc. still makes very fine signs but in a different manner. As business trends changed, so did Pierrepont. Many of the skills once performed by hand are now being done automatically. For example, approximately 85% of all lettering is now being typeset photographically which in itself helped to revolutionize the sign business. Type styles which at one time would have almost impossible to execute can now be duplicated to perfection by means of screen printing.

Pierrepont now has two such typesetting machines. The "Photo typositor" and the just acquired "Compugraphic 7200" which sets type at typewriter speed--combined with their Brown camera and one of the largest exposure tables in the area, Pierrepont screen print almost every object, any size.

Some of their specialties such as: exhibit panels, vehicle signage, point-of-purchase displays, posters, product identification decals and flip charts are being manufactured at 107 Dodge Street, the new enlarged facility. 12 craftsmen provide full service function for whatever is needed to make a good market impression.

Owner, President Joseph J. Zappia, a University of Buffalo graduate in advertising design is extremely proud of his clients Kodak, Xerox, Sybron Corp. and others too numerous to mention. The purchase of the business bought from Arthur. A Leone was finalized in December 1973. Kathleen M. Zappia is Secretary/Treasurer of the firm that has been serving 3 generations of Rochesterians."

This was a clip from the Democrat & Chronicle on January 12, 1975, just a few years after Joe Zappia took it over. We are very proud of the business he has built and want to do our best to carry on his legacy. And the history continues...

Joe Zappia

Meet the Owners

Terry and Scott Zappia, current owners of Pierrepont Visual Graphics, took over the company in 1996 from their father, Joe.

Today, Terry and Scott's independent, hands-on approach and dedication to customers upholds the same philosophy that started so many years before them. The team at Pierrepont prides itself on helping businesses get noticed by providing all aspects of sign design, fabrication and installation. Our full- service capabilities make us a leading Rochester, NY sign manufacturer specializing in all types of interior and exterior signs.

Thompson's Hardware sign

About Us

With so many years of sign-making behind us, we have been successful in creating thousands of custom-designed signs that meet the exact requirements of our customers from concept to installation. And as a full-service operation, we specialize in all things signs—not just backlit or building signs, but every type of visual communication out there. Our capabilities, creativity, dependability and quality have earned us a reputation for excellence as a provider of signs across Western NY.

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